VMware ESXi 4.0 from HP

With VMware ESXi you can:

  • Run multiple operating systems on a single server and reduce hardware costs
  • Run a greener datacenter and reduce your energy cost
  • Enable easier back-ups and restores for your applications
  • Run the most resource intensive applications in production

We all know what we can do with ESXi, but do you know that the HP version includes management CIM providers that provide systems management for your ESXi platforms with HP Systems Insight Manager!?

And do you know that CIM provider allows to collect information on:

  • Smart Array Providers – Smart Array controller, external storage enclosure, internal drive cage, data and spare drive and logical volume information.
  • Networking Providers – Ethernet ports, statistics, port link status, IP and MAC addresses.
  • PCI Providers – PCI device, adapter card and slot information.
  • Sensor Providers – Temperature sensors information (for CPU, chassis, memory), temperature sensors threshold values and current readings.
  • Software Inventory – Ethernet adapter driver versions, CIM provider version and Server Active ROM and redundant ROM versions.

And starting Sep 14, 2009 you can order HP supported and qualified virtualization part numbers containing blank USB/SD flash media devices. A Getting Started Guide is available from the download to help you install ESXi4.0 on the USB/SD flash device.

Also have a look at HP ProLiant server VMware support matrix for supported hardware.

Source: HP.com


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