Another VDI debate…

Following a good reading at, I felt the necessity to comment, so here we go:

I think VDI is similar TS. You have an underlying OS and applications on top of it. The whole thing is accessible from an endpoint through a set of connection brokers.

Steve Chamber says most of the problems with VDI are operational! I don’t agree… With VDI or regular desktop environment, you still have dedicated teams for network, storage, servers, and applications. And you still have the same help desk and ticketing system… So fundamentally nothing really change. Furthermore operational wise I think an upgrade from XP to Vista is more difficult than to upgrade to VDI.

 From my point of view VDI is a hard sell because:

  1. “It’s going to take my job” syndrome. VDI promises a huge return on hardware only but still many IT guys think their position is threatened with VDI.
  2. “If it works don’t touch it”. Regular desktop has reach its apogee. Desktops guys have made so  much effort to get where they are today, that’s is a well maintained, managed and assessed desktop environment. It was a hell of hard job from the 90’ies to nowadays. Improving and maintaining monolithic OS’s such Windows 3.11/95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista and so many applications available out there. So now that the whole thing is rolling almost like a charm they don’t want you to change it for VDI (or TS).
  3. Missing IT vision. Many companies doesn’t feel the necessity to follow the trend or having an IT environment at the edge of the technology. And unfortunately we still meet many IT directors/managers who still don’t know what is TS/Citrix although it’s there for +15years now. So VDI is even more unknown territory.

Any comments are welcome!


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Didier Pironet is an independent blogger and freelancer with +15 years of IT industry experience. Didier is also a former VMware inc. employee where he specialised in Datacenter and Cloud Infrastructure products as well as Infrastructure, Operations and IT Business Management products. Didier is passionate about technologies and he is found to be a creative and a visionary thinker, expressing with passion and excitement, hopefully inspiring and enrolling people to innovation and change.
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