Proper EMC Symmetrix config for VMware SRM

The Fiber Channel SAN Configuration PDF file says on page 57:

The following settings are required for ESX Server operations on the Symmetrix networked storage system:

  • Common serial number (C)
  • Auto negotiation (EAN) enabled
  • Fibrepath enabled on this port (VCM)
  • SCSI 3 (SC3) set (enabled)
  • Unique world wide name (UWN)
  • SPC‐2 (Decal) (SPC2) SPC‐2 flag is required

Here is a sample output:

c:\symcfg -FA  1D -p 0 list -v

SCSI Flags
Negotiate_Reset : Disabled
Soft_Reset : Disabled
Environ_Set : Disabled
HP3000_Mode : Disabled
Common_Serial_Number : Enabled
Disable_Q_Reset_on_UA : Disabled
Sunapee(SCL) : Disabled
Siemens : Disabled
Sequent(SEQ) : Disabled
Avoid_Reset_Broadcast(ARB) : Disabled
Server_On_AS400(A4S) : Disabled
SCSI_3(SC3) : Enabled
SPC2_Protocol_Version(SPC2) : Enabled

Fibre Specific Flags
Volume_Set_Addressing(V) : Disabled
Non_Participating(NP) : Disabled
Init_Point_to_Point(PP) : Enabled
Unique_WWN(UWN) : Enabled
VCM_State(VCM) : Enabled
OpenVMS(OVMS) : Disabled
AS400(AS4) : Disabled
Auto_Negotiate(EAN) : Enabled

Enabling SC3 and / or SPC-2 bit on a Symmetrix FA port will require a VMFS volume to be resignatured!


Check for more about that bit and also check this KB at

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