Disaster Recovery inside-out for Dummies

Just finished to read a very interesting article this nice bloke (Massimo) wrote on VMware Site Recovery Manager (VMware SRM).  Massimo succeeded to make the concept crystal clear. Thanks to many screenshots that definitely helps to understand it all 🙂

Before Virtualization and VMware SRM, a Disaster Recovery project was costly and tricky… Although it still can be tricky, mainly because IMO the OS’es and Applications haven’t yet integrated the concept of virtual and logical approach of the thing, i.e. simply changing the IP address of a Microsoft Exchange 2007 server is un-feasible without re-installing the whole lot. So although it still can be tricky, it is definitely cheaper and safer.

Read Massimo’s article here


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Didier Pironet is an independent blogger and freelancer with +15 years of IT industry experience. Didier is also a former VMware inc. employee where he specialised in Datacenter and Cloud Infrastructure products as well as Infrastructure, Operations and IT Business Management products. Didier is passionate about technologies and he is found to be a creative and a visionary thinker, expressing with passion and excitement, hopefully inspiring and enrolling people to innovation and change.
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