vmkernel errors

Ever wonder what does the errors in /var/log/vmkernel mean !?
With releases of ESX Server software version 3.0.2 and higher, the new vmkerrcode utility allows you to display a table of all VMkernel errors, a brief description, and the corresponding error codes in both decimal and hexidecimal format.

To list all of the vmk error codes with details, issue the command:
vmkerrcode -l

The output will be similar to this:

VMK_TIMEOUT_RETRY 195887333 0xbad00e5 ETIMEDOUT Timeout (ok to retry)
VMK_RESERVATION_LOST 195887334 0xbad00e6 EBUSY Reservation Lost
VMK_FS_STALE_METADATA 195887335 0xbad00e7 ENOENT Cached metadata is stale

To use vmkerrcode to list details for an individual error code, use the command

vmkerrcode <errror code>


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