Beacon Probing vs. Link State Tracking

When configuring the vswitches you certainly came accross this question: should I use beacon or link state to detect failures of my uplinks ??
Well it all depends of the physical edge/core switches you attached to your VMware ESX…
At the Data Center, we use Cisco all the way, from edge to core and for SAN as well.
Cisco has a nice feature called Link State Tracking.  It allows you to propagate a link status down and upstream.
We use this method along with 2 active/active NICs, giving us the most reliable network.
More info at VMware

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One Response to Beacon Probing vs. Link State Tracking

  1. Chris says:

    We use link state tracking as well with our VMware/Cisco implementation and it works like a charm. Here’s our configuration walk-through, which also shows a scenario where it is particularly useful:

    VMware & Link-State Tracking

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