VMFS UUID numbering explained

Following a post from Eric Gray which I found a bit harsh but so true. No need to say VMFS volumes have also such GUID (aka UUID) that are just undecipherable…really! you sure? 

All VMFS Volumes have a UUID number. Those are then linked to a Datastore name, like : Datastore001. When you do a ‘ls’ from the service console in /vmfs/volumes you should see the names of your datastores linked to the UUID number. But more on the UUID number.

The number is as follow : 123abc98-12abc456-bd12-000569ab56bf

This is what what it means :

  • 123abc98 : This is the console time at VMFS creation or when it was resignatured
  • 12abc456 : TSC time (This is the CPU time stamp counter)
  • bd12 : A Random number
  • 000569ab56bf : The Service Console MAC address that created or last updated the UUID

Note that I have just used random hex numbers for the UUID number above.

Source: Vroem.co.za

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5 thoughts on “VMFS UUID numbering explained

  1. Hi Deinos, good information. But how the VMFS signature comes to play here, are they related at all?

    From what I understand the signature is made with the device serial number + LUN number, so is the VMFS UUID independent of these parameters?


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