World’s First Enterprise Virtualization Solution to Provide Native 3D Graphics

Parallels today announced the launch of Parallels Workstation Extreme, the first high-end workstation virtualization solution to offer users near-native performance for resource-intensive applications that require extremely large memory support, multiple CPU cores, and direct access to graphics cards. The product brings together the latest breakthrough technologies from Intel, NVIDIA and HP – launched today – to deliver the benefits of workstation virtualization without sacrificing performance of critical applications.


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At the same time NVIDIA, the inventor of the GPU, today introduced NVIDIA® SLI® Multi-OS, a ground-breaking technology that allows users and visualization applications, for the first time, to take full advantage of multiple NVIDIA® Quadro® GPUs from a single graphics workstation in a virtualized environment.  This new technology delivers a faster, more efficient workflow to maximize productivity and lower the total cost of ownership for professionals in markets such as: digital content creation, sciences, manufacturing, and oil and gas.


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Bill Gillock has already posted about it with a video demoing the capabilities of Parallels Workstation Extreme. Check it out!

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